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Photo of Downtown Jackson, MO

The future is fiber.

Fiber is the cutting-edge way to get online. Unlike cable, satellite or DSL, fiber networks use light to move your data around — and light’s pretty darn fast. Plus, fiber networks can handle tons of devices at the same time, so there’s room for the whole family.

With fiber internet, you’re able to really use the internet.

Father and daighter look at laptop screen together

Download entire movies in seconds

Laptop Computer
Feet propped up on coffee table with tv showing netflix logo

Cut the cable and start streaming

Remote Control
Car on track of a motor speedway

Play games online with zero lag

Video Game Controller

No ifs, ands or buffers about it.

man sitting on a couch playing a video game

3 Ways to Circle Up

Fiber 300

For those who surf more than stream

300 Mbps Download + Upload

Add a Wi-Fi Router for $7.99/mo

$ 49 99 /mo

Fiber 500

For cord cutters and tech lovers

500 Mbps Download + Upload

Add a Wi-Fi Router for $4.99/mo

$ 59 99 /mo

Fiber Gig

For gamers, binge watchers and work from homers

1 Gbps Download + Upload

Wi-Fi Router included

$ 79 99 /mo
Make the Switch

Unlimited Phone + Voicemail

Add a home phone (or bring over your current line) for just $9.99/mo.

Circle for Business

Bring Circle into your commercial building or office space.
Call (800) 455-5000 for pricing.

No contracts. No surprises.

Those prices up there? That’s what you’ll see on your bill. We don’t do the whole “hidden fees” thing. It’s too complicated. Same with contracts. We hope you’ll stick around because you like us — not because you have to.

Ready or not, it pays to get Linked.

When Circle comes to your neighborhood, we’ll ask you to get a Link. That covers the cost of running fiber to your door. It’s a one-time purchase, but we think you’ll agree—it’s worth your while.


First Month Free Service

When you Link up and add service, you’ll pay $25 up front and pay nothing for your first month of service. Call it a thank-you for welcoming us to Jackson.

Or Just Link for Less

Even if you don’t want Circle, it’ll never be cheaper to get your home fiber-ready. A Link is just $25 and experts say it could raise your home’s value by 3%.

Line drawing of houses with fiber connecting them
Woman sitting on couch using a laptop computer

All the speed you need. Plus a little extra.

Circle makes the internet just the way you like it — fast. Even our base plan gets you higher speeds than anyone else in town. And with Circle, you never have to worry about data caps. So you can browse, stream and game as much as you want.

Person looking at laptop screen with hardback book propped open

We’ve already met.

Circle is brought to you by Big River Communications, southeast Missouri’s best provider of phone and communication services. You know Big River for keeping it real and keeping it simple — and that’s not going anywhere with Circle. When your internet’s easier to use, it’s easier to love.