Hey there. We’re Circle.

Like a lot of people, we weren’t crazy about our internet options. The speeds were slow and the service was spotty — but we still had to pay up every month. We figured there had to be an easier way. So we made one.

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Everything online. Easy for everyone.

We built Circle from the ground up to be different from all the big guys. They want to keep you hooked — we want to keep you happy. So we focus on nailing the things you care about: speed, service and simplicity.



You’ll have all the speed you could ever need. Plus a little extra.



Here’s our service plan: you call, we answer. And you’ll always get a real person.



No contracts, no surprises. Just really good internet from people who really care.

Big-time service. Small-town feel.

The internet is best when it brings people together. We want to do the same for the communities we serve. And while that may look different from place to place, there are a few things you can always count on us for.

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Hiring Local

We work in the communities we call home. So when you call us, you could be talking to your neighbor.


Giving Back

We listen to what our communities need. Whether that’s setting up public Wi-Fi or bringing fiber internet into the schools, we’re there to help.


Keeping it Simple

Simple is what sets us apart. Even as we grow, it’ll always be easy for you to get online and get help around the clock.

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