Hey Cape Girardeau. We're Circle Fiber.

And we think it’s time you had better internet. So we’re bringing it here. It’s super fast — and super easy. You’re gonna love it.

Mural in Cape Girardeau

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And here’s the catch — there isn’t one.

Rollin' on the River

You can’t think about Cape without thinking about the mighty Mississippi River. What if Cape had internet with the capacity and speed of the Mississippi river? Well that’s what we are bringing; the fastest internet around to the city of Cape Girardeau. So if you see us on a stroll through downtown or at a Tigers football game on a Friday night make sure to give us a wave.

All the speed you need. Plus a little extra.

Fiber is the most cutting-edge way to get online. Unlike cable, satellite or DSL, fiber networks use light to move your data around—and light’s pretty darn fast. Plus, fiber doesn’t cut out during bad weather or cable outages.

With fiber internet, you’re able to really use the internet.

Download entire movies in seconds

Laptop Computer
Feet propped up on coffee table with tv showing netflix logo

Cut the cable and start streaming

Remote Control
Car on track of a motor speedway

Play games online with zero lag

Video Game Controller

No ifs, ands or buffers about it.

3 Ways to Circle Up

Fiber 300

For those who surf more than stream

300 Mbps Download + Upload

$ 39 99 /mo

Fiber 500

For cord cutters and tech lovers

500 Mbps Download + Upload

$ 49 99 /mo

Fiber Gig

For gamers, binge watchers and work from homers

1 Gbps Download + Upload

$ 69 99 /mo

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