Circle’s Clear Pricing Policy

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You might have noticed references to Circle Fiber ‘Clear Prices’ and wondered:

  • What does that actually mean – Clear Prices?
  • Why does Circle Fiber advertise its Clear Pricing Policy?
  • Doesn’t every business have clear prices?

These are all good questions, and we felt an explanation would be helpful.

Doesn’t Every Business have Clear Prices?

We think that you would agree that the answer to that question is NO.  Not all businesses have clear pricing policies.

A quick example that come to mind is Health Care.  We won’t even bother with much discussion of the pricing practices of that industry because no one knows what health care services cost.  Health care prices are certainly not clear.  The Travel industry also has a few examples.  You buy an airline ticket and with some you will have to pay more if you might want to check baggage, more if you want an aisle seat, or more if you need to change your departure time.  If you have to cancel your travel, will you get a refund?  Who knows?  Read the fine print.  Understanding the charges when renting a car can be just as daunting;  Do you want insurance?  Do you want to pre-fill the gas tank for an amount of money you don’t know you will need?  What kind of options are those, how about paying for what I use?

Why the Circle Fiber Clear Pricing Policy?

The answer is that Circle finds itself in an industry that has relied on pricing policies that are anything but clear.  Cable TV operators have a long history of setting and promoting prices that leave consumers unsure of what their monthly bill will be.  Consider these common practices, many of which you will probably find familiar:

  • Offering introductory promotional prices without clearly informing the customer what the price will be after the promotional period ends.
  • Not clarifying that some price points are only offered when you buy other services in a bundle and explaining the price if you drop one of the bundled services.
  • Misleading customers by advertising services and showing internet speeds that your service will never achieve. For example, selling 1 Gigabit service that will operate up to 940 Mbps.  Well 940 Mbps is not even equal to 1 Gig, is it?  Hey, does that mean I can pay $94 for my $100 monthly bill?
  • Offering video packages that include local TV channels but not being clear that the customer will be paying an additional $16 per month surcharge for those local TV channels. Oh, and forgetting to inform the customer that the local TV surcharge can increase at any time.
  • Misleading customers by advertising a service and not clarifying that the service has a data limit where additional charges will apply when you exceed that limit.

Life is complicated enough; pricing should be clear and simple.  At Circle Fiber we make life less complicated, our prices are clear.