The Benefits of Circle’s WIFI Service

Many customers scratch their head when asked if they want to sign up for Circle’s WIFI Service – ‘should I or shouldn’t I?’.  WIFI technology has been widely used for years, and many people would just buy a WIFI router and either install it themselves or has someone else install it for them.  And that was that.

But is it that?  At Circle Fiber, we know that managing a home WIFI network is no longer as simple as it once was. Now, its more critical for a number of reasons:

  • First, WIFI has become the de facto network by which all devices attach to the network in the customer’s home.  Customer’s rarely use a wired connection for any device in their home.
  • Second, WIFI technology has had to evolve to accommodate the greater number of devices attaching to the customer’s home network.  Today, the average broadband customer’s home network has 12 devices attached.  This number will only grow over time as more and more devices and applications become remotely managed via WIFI connection.
  • Third, WIFI is having to deliver greater speeds to each device because of the new applications that those devices are now supporting.  Video applications are a major driver of these greater speeds, because each device running a video application requires greater speeds.
  • Fourth, the greater need for speed has required some households to add additional WIFI routers to meet this increased performance requirement.  That’s not as easy as some might think because, when you add another WIFI device, it creates additional wireless interference that has to be managed or problems will arise.  Say what?  Yeah, you really have to stay on top of wireless networks to maintain performance standards in these increasingly complex times.
  • Finally, now that speeds to the customer’s location are increasing to 1 Gbps, the WIFI network is now the potential weakest link in the network.  It is now more important than ever that the WIFI network operates effectively.

For all of the above reasons, Circle has taken measures to ensure its customers get the full enjoyment of Circle’s all-fiber network by providing an exceptional solution for home WIFI service.  Leveraging years of experience in managing high speed data networks and advanced wireless networks, Circle has picked the best WIFI devices and management systems to provide its customers with the most reliable and highest performing WIFI network.

How is Circle’s WiFi Better than the Rest?

Circle first set out to find the WIFI router that uses the best and latest technology, design, components and software.  The selected router had to be backed by a manufacturer who has a track-record of quality manufacturing, with the ability to support reasonably priced products that have been tested to be reliable.

And, just like every piece of equipment placed in Circle’s network, each WIFI router deployed needs to be remotely manageable.  Circle is not going to install a piece of equipment and leave it with the hope that it continues to operate effectively.  Instead, Circle technical support personnel have real time access to all of the equipment on our network, including our WIFI routers.  With that access, Circle’s staff can remotely observe the performance of each router, the wireless environment that the router is operating and make any changes to the operating parameters of the router to address any issues that are encountered and make any changes that are required.  That’s just how we operate at Circle.

To manage the networks Circle builds, we hire experienced technical staff, provide them with training as well as access to higher level technical support when necessary to solve any issues the customer might encounter.  That technical expertise is supporting Circle’s WIFI service.

In a nutshell, Circle’s WIFI service is just another example of its professional network management capabilities.  Circle selected the best WIFI router and supports it with the same level of professionalism that we use to manage all our network equipment.  Regardless of the fact that the WIFI router is sitting in our customer’s home, we manage it using the same staff, tools and systems we use to manage all of our network equipment.