Circle Fiber Celebrates Milestone: The Johnson Family Becomes the 1000th Customer in Poplar Bluff

Poplar Bluff, MO., August 22, 2023 — Circle Fiber, Southeast Missouri’s leading provider of  fiber optic internet and telecommunications services, achieves a momentous feat– reaching their 1000th customer installation. To commemorate this milestone, a ceremony is scheduled for August 22nd, 10 a.m. at the Johnson Family residence. Hosted by Circle Fiber in collaboration with partners Cape Electrical Supply, On-Trac,Inc., and Unitek Global Services and their family of companies will present donations to elevate the Johnson home into an advanced smart space powered by cutting-edge fiber internet.

We’re honored to be the 1000th Residential Customer in Poplar Bluff. Switching to Circle Fiber was a game-changer for our business….we couldn’t wait to get in our home,” said Brad Johnson owner of Pro Tint LLC. “No more buffering or outages-just seamless connectivity.”

“Huge thanks to Circle and the generous donations from Cape Electric, On-Trac, and Unitek Global Services. You’ve truly transformed our digital life,” added Johnson. “The Circle team, lead by Eric Arnold, has been incredible-always friendly, helpful, and respectful. Highly recommended!”

Partner Contributions: Elevating Home Connectivity

Circle Fiber’s partners amplify the celebration with their substantial contributions. Cape Electrical Supply’s generous donation of a 1 year of Fiber Gig service ensures uninterrupted, lightning-fast connectivity, creating the backbone of the Johnson Family’s smart home. On-Trac enriches their home entertainment experience by donating a flat screen smart-TV.  In addition, Unitek Global Services and family of companies will present an Echo Show to seamlessly integrate into the home for elevated communication, convenience and connectivity.

A Milestone of Community Progress

The recent achievement holds significance beyond its numerical value, signifying a moment of transformative change for the community of Poplar Bluff. The rapid growth is a testament to the need of the region to move to the next generation of communications. Circle Fiber is a 100% fiber to the premise network that connects residential and commercial customers to the world with the fastest, most reliable, and affordable products and services.

“I’m immensely proud of the strides we’ve taken to achieve this remarkable milestone, the 1000th customer install solidifies us as a true Gigabit City,” said Eric Arnold General Manager of Circle Fiber Poplar Bluff. “Fiber internet goes beyond connectivity, it fosters seamless communication, sparks innovation and paves the way for a more digitally enriched future for our hometown.”

About Circle Fiber– Circle Fiber is a division of Big River Communications that is changing the way consumers and businesses have access to high-speed internet. Circle Fiber is a 100% fiber to the premise network that provides customers in Southeast, MO with an affordable, fast, and reliable internet experience.

About Cape Electrical Supply– Established in 1953, Cape Electric offers top-tier service and a wide array of leading products including voice & communication, utility, and residential showrooms, integrating modern technology to serve as a reliable national supplier to top U.S. companies.

About On-Trac Inc.– A recognized connectivity leader, On Trac specializes in broadband fulfillment services like drops, splicing, and installations. On Trac is committed to the fiber broadband industry and to serving client partners with their best interests at heart.

About Unitek Global Services-Headquartered in Jackson, Mississippi, UniTek Global Services and our family of companies, including Hutchins Telcom, are trusted by America’s largest telecommunications operators to provide best-in-class OSP & ISP Planning, Design, Permitting, and Project Management solutions for North America’s broadband infrastructure.  We have over 750 employees and 80 locations nationwide ready to bring service to end use customers nationwide.  Let us help you “GET LIT”!