Why Fiber?

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Fiber Internet: The Faster, More Reliable Option

Checking email. Streaming your favorite show. FaceTiming a friend. Attending a conference call. Whether work or play, the internet likely powers several of your daily or weekly activities.

When the connection is working properly, tasks are quick and easy to do. But when unreliable internet service slows or stops your progress, it can cause headaches and frustration.

The type of internet platform you choose can have a huge impact on your experience. Find out why fiber internet beats the competition in the areas that matter most—internet speed and reliability—and learn about the latest local option for new service in Southeast Missouri.

Fiber Internet Sprints Past the Competition.

No one likes to face off against a buffering symbol or an inching progress bar. Yet, that’s sometimes the case when you take on heavier bandwidth tasks like streaming video, gaming, or backing up files.

Slow service is much more common with cable and Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) internet than fiber internet. The main reason is that cable transfers data using electricity over television cables, and DSL moves data over phone lines, also using electricity. In contrast, fiber internet moves data over fiber optic cables as light, and light travels faster than electricity.

The differences in speeds are more significant than you might think. Here are the speeds consumers typically experience:

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Source: BroadBandNow

These speeds play an integral role in what you’re able to do successfully online. For instance, some of the other types of internet service fail to meet the recommended speeds needed for common online activities such as:

                       • Streaming HD video
                       • Gaming
                       • Checking email

Keep in mind that if you have multiple people in your home or office, you’ll need bigger allowances for uploading and downloading speeds to account for people using the internet at the same time.

Rural areas are often the last to experience reliable internet service, let alone top speeds. While this affects casual activities like gaming or internet browsing, it also affects high-priority needs.

For instance, slow speeds limit the ability to take part in online doctor’s appointments for physical and mental health. They make attending virtual classes nearly impossible. And they hinder the ability to work an online job from home.

While the rest of the world is experiencing a digital transformation, rural areas are getting left behind. Fiber internet offers a solution by bringing fast service that users can depend on for their health, work, and other online activities. Circle Fiber, the newest local provider of fiber internet in Southeast Missouri, closes the digital divide by offering superior service at an affordable price.

Better Service When You Need It Most.

Not only is fiber internet the fastest option when compared to DSL and cable, but it’s also the most reliable. The reason for that lies in the materials that make up the cables used with each type of service.

Cable internet transfers data over coaxial television cables which are made of copper, aluminum, and plastic. DSL uses copper as well in the phone lines. While these are great conductors for the electricity they pass, the cables are not particularly resilient.

These two types of internet service are often disrupted when electrical interferences or severe weather occur—both times when a solid internet connection can help you stay safe and aware.

In contrast, fiber optic cables are much more durable. These cables are made of thin glass strands and can withstand many of the weather hazards and environmental conditions that are likely to occur in Missouri.

Choosing fiber internet can mean the difference between keeping in the know or staying in the dark if severe weather strikes your hometown.

Finding Reliable, Local Service

In Southeast Missouri, Circle Fiber is addressing the need for an internet platform that can provide superior service now and in the future.

We offer three local plan options to fit everyone from light internet surfers to gamers, binge-watchers, and work from homers. Our top-tier plan offers a Gigabyte Network experience with 1 Gbps download and upload speeds ready to ensure the entire family or office has what you need to get consistent service.